MELANGE 2014 / by alec vanderboom


"Mélange Productions, Inc. is a novel fashion entertainment company that acts as a catalyst to bring together local businesses, theatrical talent, and worldly fashion by fostering an entrepreneurial and community spirit to promote a socially conscious and culturally diverse fashion experience. Mélange Productions, Inc. has created an engaging platform that will lead to legendary productions with different forms of entertainment in harmony to offer an unprecedented show, dedicated to rewriting conceptions of diversity and expression in society."

Designer: Natalia Fedner
Model: Lindsion
2nd Hair Look: Nicolette Lafranchi

Natalia Fedner (Celebrity Designer who has designed for Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and more) 

Hair for International Designer Alessandra Senna 

Designer: Alessandra Senna

Designer: Heavenly Lines

Designer: Heavenly Lines
(Local Designer)

Designer: Varignia Garcia
Varignia Garcia (Designer from Peru)

Cory Wade-Hindorff (America’s Next Top Model)

Designer: Varignia Garcia
Model: Summer

Designer : Alessandra Senna
Model: Krista Mitchell
Photography : Create Love Studio 
(International Designer)

Designer : Heavenly Lines
Model: Michaela Graves
Photograph: Angel William 

International Model Scarlett Lash wearing Punk Kouture
(Punk Kouture has designed for Rihanna and Nicki Minaj)

Jasmine Edwards - iCu Beauty Hair & Makeup Staffing  
Daniel Rita (Hair Director)
Nicolette Lafranchi (Lead Hair ) - iCu Beauty Hair
Makeup -  Sephora

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