LA Studio Photoshoot / by alec vanderboom

Had a great time in LA shooting with photographer and editor-in-chief Robert Silver, Le Rickie designer of RocRio, and the beautiful model Lissette Maravilla. This shoot went so well, the hard light photography came out gorgeous with the dresses that Rickie designed. I had a fun time using my new Ellis Faas eyeliner, the metallic color that reflected in the photography was amazing. I used the liqiud eyeliner as a lipstick, it pulled the makeup look together. Lissette, did an awesome job modeling, she killed it with the poses!

"This past Sunday we hosted the first Studio Fashion Shoots(Hard Light Photography) in downtown Los Angeles with Derek Rodgers featuring model Lissette Maravilla wearing designs by Roc Rio Designs.  Each photographer had multiple two minute rounds to create their own perspective on deep contrast and shadow play. They had creative control on how to direct the model in order to see their vision come to life. The lighting set up consisted of a two to a four light set up."
 - Robert Silver of Fashion Xchnage Magazine 

Click HERE to view some of the images that the photographer who took part in the workshop created.

Photographer- Robert Silver of Fashion Xchange Magazine and Robert Silver Photography 
Model -Lissette Maravilla
Hair/makeup by Nicolette Lafranchi