I Mean I Mean / by alec vanderboom

Visited my good friend Jern Eye at True East to cop some gear for Emakulant and Dj Toure for their music video I Mean I Mean

 Jern Eye, Myself, and Emak at True Clothing in Walnut Creek, CA

1st look I went with a 10deep fitted hat and tee 

Adrian Per in action, he is one of the dopest directors in the bay, you can check out his work at..

on set with Dj Toure

 2nd look classic bay area True Clothing fits

Great shoot with some great artists 

Adrian Per, Dj Toure, Resek, Maria Pangearevlot, Emakulant, and the rest of the crew!

Mens Styling by Nicolette Lafranchi bookings @ nicolettelafranchi@gmail.com

Women Styling by PANGEAREVOLT bookings @ pangearevolt@gmail.com

Directing by Adrian Per @ http://www.adrianper.com/portfolio/

Talent Dj Toure and Emakulant # 11 on iTunes