Makeup Show LA 2014 / by alec vanderboom

 Loving Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics they are 100% Vegan and Animal Cruelty Free which I love, had to pick up a few new colors; Hollywood, Mannequin, and Anime!!

Education with Celebrity Makeup Artist Angel Merino also known on instagram as MAC_DADDY
you can find his work at

 Model:  QUEENPEE 


 Education with Kelley Dawn Baker of Kelley Baker Brows - Brow Expert to the Stars

 Selfie with MAC_DADDY

 Above in the pink sweater is one of my all time favorite Makeup Artist SHARON GAULT. Her work is amazing! She touched the faces of Madonna, Lady Gaga.. the list goes on, you can see her work at...

 Also had the pleasure of meeting and taking class from famed Kardashian makeup artist ROB 

 Red Carpet fun with my girl Frankie

One Last Stop before we headed back to the bay, was with VP National Publicity Jennifer Peterson and her mother to get them ready for the Oscars.